Cats Alive!slv - Dedicated to San Luis Valley felines in need

Our mission is to reduce the number of feral and abandoned house cats in the San Luis Valley of Colorado through vigorous spay/neuter programs and, when possible, assist finding caring homes for kittens and tame cats.

1230 kitties fixed!
Since September of 2013 AND COUNTING

Voucher Program

Unfortunately, we not able to offer the voucher program at this time and are awaiting new grants to open this program again. Check back soon! In the meantime, keep an eye on the SLV Low-Cost/Free Spay/Neuter Clinics page on Facebook for opportunities, or contact Spay Colorado for possible assistance with pet cats. If you have any questions, you can contact us by email at Thank you for your patience and support of our organization!
CatsAlive Needs You!

We are at full capacity with 25 cats awaiting adoption. Can you foster cats? We need help with kittens, adults, seniors. We pay to bills, you provide all the love! Please contact us if you might be able to help for short or long term, adults or kittens. We need all of you!

There are many simple ways you can support us without taking any money out of your own pocket, too! Visit our Donate Page for details. For example, a recent update from AmazonSmile shows we have received more than $87 from our 21 subscribers via this simple program. 

And don't forget we need your time as well, and not just for foster homes! See our Volunteer page for ideas. We can use your unique talents, just let us know.


Without the help of these generous organizations and YOUR support, we cannot continue to help so many valley felines in need.             
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