Cats Alive!slv - Dedicated to San Luis Valley felines in need


To meet our goal of insuring that one day every cat in the San Luis Valley will be cared for and valued, we focus our efforts on spaying and neutering. To that end we have modified our voucher program, active throughout the year as funding is available. 

To apply for a voucher, click on the PayPal button below to submit your $20 co-pay (per cat). No PayPal account is required. The balance of the surgery (and all core vaccinations!) will be covered by Cats Alive! SLV. Once your co-pay is received you will be emailed a confirmation and a link to our online registration form. When your voucher arrives, make your appointment and fix your kitty!

*Participating veterinarian(s): 
Crestone Mobile Vet (males/neuters only) and Monte Vista Vet Clinic. Vouchers are for SPAY OR NEUTER SURGERIES (with core vaccines)  ONLY! Any other services must be paid by owner.

Watch this space to get information on Colorado Animal Welfare League (CAWL) spay/neuter clinics throughout the entire year! Also look for event notifications at 
SLV Low-cost/Free Spay/Neuter Clinics on Facebook.

A female cat can have up to 5 litters per year and average 3 kittens per litter but can have as many as 6 or more! Help prevent unintended litters of kittens...SPAY OR NEUTER YOUR KITTY TODAY!

Did you know that a female cat can get pregnant on her first heat, which can happen as young as 4 MONTHS of age?

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