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Cats Alive!slv resulted from a need to address unchecked populations of stray and feral cats in the San Luis Valley. A vast and geographically rural area with a large population of residents living at or below the poverty level, the San Luis Valley has a rich agricultural history. Unfortunately, there are few services available to help address the problem of abandoned and feral cats reproducing, virtually unchecked.

Our goal is to fill the gap in services by providing affordable spaying and neutering for cats belonging to those with little to no disposable income as well as assisting in trapping, neutering and releasing feral cats back into suitable locations, with basic care provided by caring feral colony stewards.

We feel that sterilization is the most important factor in controlling breeding cat populations thereby reducing needless suffering and supporting a community that is compassionate and responsible to its feline residents. We hope you will join us in reaching our goal to end unintended litters and insure that every feline in the San Luis Valley is spayed or neutered and cared for - be it a friendly stray, abandoned pet cat or feral, barn cat.

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Caring for Community Cats: Cats Alive! San Luis Valley
This video is about Caring for Community Cats: Cats Alive! San Luis Valley

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