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It's Kitten Season!1!! So cute it hurts.

While we all love a kitten to snuggle and play with, there are some things to consider before taking a kitten (or whole litter!) off the streets. 

1. Kittens do best under the care of mom, at least until fully weaned (6 weeks, more or less). Make all efforts to help the mom do her job before you take a kitten from her. Unweaned kittens take 24 hour care, need proper kitten formula, and must be kept warm and clean. Usually this is all mom's job. Seek expert help if you need to do this.

2. Sick kittens can crash FAST, just a couple hours. Take a sick kitten to the vet immediately.

3. Weaned kittens are a delight and that's when to spend all the time with them. They need to learn what it is to be a beloved pet. Handle them gently, play, feed them good quality kitten chow, let them know they are safe and loved. This is a good time to spay the momma cat.

4. Please, never adopt out an unfixed cat! At 8 weeks, a cat is usually around 2 lbs in weight and ready to be spayed or neutered. Cats Alive! can ease the financial burden via our Voucher Program. 

Voucher Program returns!

CatsAlive!slv is determined to meet our goal of insuring that one day every cat in the San Luis Valley will be cared for and valued by focusing our efforts on spaying and neutering. To that end we have modified our voucher program, active throughout the year as funding becomes available. The co-pay required by the owner is now $20 per cat or kitten to be paid directly to CatsAlive. The balance of the surgery (and all core vaccinations!) will be covered by Cats Alive.

To apply for a voucher, simply click on the PayPal button below to submit your co-pay (per cat). Once your co-pay is received you will be emailed a confirmation and link to register. When your voucher arrives, make your appointment and fix your kitty!

CatsAlive Needs You!
 The work that we do relies on continued and sustained financial support from many sources. Watch this space for updates on fundraising campaigns, which are seasonal.

There are many simple ways you can support us without taking any money out of your own pocket, too! Visit our Donate Page for details. For example, a recent update from AmazonSmile shows we have received more than $3700 from our 850 subscribers via this amazingly simple program. 

And don't forget we need your time as well! See our Volunteer page for ideas. We can use your unique talents, just let us know.


Without the help of these generous organizations and YOUR support, we cannot continue to help so many valley felines in need.             



Our mission is to reduce the number of feral and abandoned house cats in the San Luis Valley of Colorado through vigorous spay/neuter programs and, when possible, assist finding caring homes for kittens and tame cats.

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