Cats Alive!slv - Dedicated to San Luis Valley felines in need
CATSALIVE!SLV "KITTY KOUNTER" - 457 kitties fixed!
(Since September of 2013)

Spay/Neuter Vouchers available NOW! 

With the NEW YEAR well underway, we are ready to continue growing and serving cats and kittens in the San Luis Valley that need to be spayed or neutered, including feral colonies that need material support.  Go to the EVENTS page for details and to apply.

THANK YOU to everyone that donated to CatsAlive during  the Newman's Own Foundation $500k Holiday Challenge

YOU helped us raise almost $1,000 toward our goal and that funding will enable us to spay or neuter at least 20 more cats in the San Luis Valley!

Additionally, we have again received very generous grant funding from the Bates Foundation and Trust and so many amazing, private donations this past year from caring people and extraordinary donations of catfood through St. Paws to support managed feral cat colonies throughout the valley. We are poised to do so much more in 2018, thanks to this outpouring of support! And what we REALLY NEED NOW are caring people to get involved and volunteer for CatsAlive.  

Can you pick up food donations for us in Colorado Springs? Can you transport trapped feral cats to or from spay/neuter appointments? Can you foster a couple of abandoned cats or litter of kittens? Can you help feed and water a colony of feral cats through the winter?Please call or text Michele at 719-966-9536 if you can assist us with any of these simple but important tasks to help cats and kittens. 



Without the help of these generous organizations and YOUR support, we cannot continue to help so many valley felines in need.             


The Mission of Cats Alive!slv is to reduce the number of feral and abandoned house cats in the San Luis Valley of Colorado through vigorous spay/neuter programs and, when possible, assist finding caring homes for kittens and tame cats.

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