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How to make a simple break-away cat collar
What you'll need:

  1. Scissors
  2. String
  3. Masking tape (no wider than 1")*
  4. Sharpie marker
  5. Ruler or tape measure

Step 1 - Measure your kitty's neck. The easiest way is to use a piece of string about 10" long. Wrap it around the cat's neck once, just barely snug (NOT TIGHT!) and note the length. Kitty may try to play with the string!

Step 2 - Use the tape measure or ruler to measure the length of the  string to the cat's neck size. 

Step 3 - Cut 2 pieces of masking tape 1" longer than the neck measurement. This will give you tabs to connect the tape around the cat's neck. *Do NOT USE duct tape! Masking tape will tear and free your cat if it gets caught on something.

Step 4 -  Offset the two peices of tape by 1" on either end and place 
them together, sticky side to sticky
side. This will give you a nice little 
sticky 1" on either end to attach 
your collar.

Step 5 - Use the Sharpie to write your phone number on one side of the collar. Now if your cat is trapped or lost, someone can call you if they have your cat.

Step 6 - Place the collar around your cat's neck (remember to have the writing on the outside!) and press the sticky tab ends together. 

Step 7 - Make sure you can easily slip a finger between the collar and the cat's neck. It should be slightly snug but not so loose that your cat can slip it over their ears. 

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